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Bucks County Adventures From William Penn and George Washington to Neil Armstrong

This is a hardback book with color photos

Bucks County—renowned for its beautiful scenery as well as its intriguing history—also has been home to an extraordinary number of artists, musicians and authors. Carl LaVO, award-winning Bucks County journalist, takes the reader on a journey through some of the most interesting, scenic and historic spots in the county.

From the famous, such as William Penn, to the interesting, obscure and just plain odd, you’ll learn about “Crazy Tom” and his castle, the Bucks County’s connection to the moon landing, and the mysterious haunted mountain. The author takes on adventures to discover historic churches and scenic overlooks.

ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-9981208-0-5
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If you are looking for a guide to the historic sites of Bucks County, want to read about its historic places and people, or just enjoy beautiful photography, you’ll find Bucks County Adventures the book for you.