“The book is terrific. Sitting on my coffee table. Brings back a rush of good memories every time I glance at it or open it up.”

– Robert Costa, Washington Post staff writer covering the White House and host of “Washington Week in Review” on PBS and frequent guest on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and “Hardball”  program

“I love reading your stories about local history.”

— David Balderston

“Our family enjoys your Bucks History column in the Intelligencer.   My 3rd grader, 7th grader and 10th grader (along with the parents) look forward to your varied topics each week, and we will be purchasing your book this holiday season.  Your writing  connects us to the rich history of our community.   Thank you for your efforts.”

Madhav Ponamgi

“You are a treasure! I look forward to your pieces every week – and I always learn something new & fascinating about the area we live in. Thank you for your diligent research and engaging writing!”

– Rose Fultz, Doylestown

“Your columns on so many areas of Bucks County history are often shared among our members and with state DAR leaders. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about the area’s history. I, for one, was particularly happy to read your column on “Cuckold Town” to finally learn about the status of the house at the corner of Rt. 413 & Bridgetown Pike. I have wondered about that building since I moved to the area years ago!”

– Christie Caywood, 2nd Vice Regent, Washington Crossing Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

“Your description of Griffith was one of the best PORTRAITS i have ever read. Ranulph Bye could not have have done a more superior portrait in an oil painting! Congratulations on an outstanding piece of writing.”

Alan Vogenberg commenting on recent column on Griffith Lloyd of Langhorne

“I have been reading and enjoying your page in the Intel for quite a while now and keep saying I should email and tell you so.  So here it is.  I really enjoy your articles.  We live not far from today’s story on Achey’s Mill so that was really fun to see.  Keep it up!  Glad to see you grandchildren are interested also.”

– Sue Gwilliam

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article on Trigger. Your choice of stories are always entertaining and interesting. If you don’t have a staff of 100 or more, then you may be the most interesting man of Bucks County. Thank you for always starting my day off with ‘ awakening’ stories of our area.”

– Bill Komendat, loyal reader of my weekly history column in the Courier Times and The Intelligencer which my book is based on.

“I just read your latest piece.  We love reading them – keep up the good work!”

– Curtis DeHaven

“Hello Carl – thank you for many years of enjoyable reading. I am a descendant of William Warner and found your recent article about the Schuylkill Fishing Company particularly interesting as I believe he was a founding member.”

– Troy T. Bausinger

“Thanks for the memories, and keep up your historic columns.  They put a ‘face’ on all the interesting sites that I’ve passed on my travels around Bucks County.”

– Carolyn Kurtz

“Your feature stories are fantastic.  Every one of them. I am a history buff and enjoy reading about the hidden nuggets of Bucks County’s past. Your story about the Union soldier from Bristol was riveting.”

— Doug Coleman, Santa Barbara, Calif.

“I have been following your articles in the Courier for the past few years. I find that the history of Bucks County that you write about is so interesting. Your aricles always touch on new information that I was never aware of (and so interestingly told).”

— Pamela Dick

“I seriously get excited when I open the page and see another one in your series!”

— Laura Soldano

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your article on Trigger.  Your choice of stories are always entertaining and interesting. If you don’t have a staff on 100 or more, then you may be the most interesting man in Bucks County.”

— Bill Komendat

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